Harry Potter And The Petulant Child: A Review of the Cursed Child Script.


Spoilers ahead!

New and official Harry Potter material has been something that just about all fans of the enormously popular series have been hoping for since the last film was released. Pottermore was a decent stop-gap, with J.K. Rowling providing vast detail about, well, everything, and the actual ability to get sorted into your Hogwarts house! (Hufflepuff, in case you were wondering.) But the announcement of the Cursed Child sent Potterheads’ excitement levels into overdrive. A play, partly written by Rowling, set in the Harry Potter universe with an accompanying book! With the rumours swirling about the possibility of a prequel or even a direct sequel, expectations were high, and they weren’t tempered once it was confirmed that the story would focus on Albus Severus Potter, previously only met in the epilogue of the final book. So does the book of Cursed Child hold its own among the massive popularity of the rest of the series?

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